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A Full Discussion Of Why You Should Rent Furniture

From time to time, we meet people who are unfamiliar with the concept of leasing household furniture, or who feel that the leasing of furniture is a waste of their money because they do not acquire any ownership or equity rights to it. This article is written for the purpose of giving a clear explanation as to why renting or leasing household furniture is economically sound under certain conditions, i.e., limited time-frame need for furniture, immediate delivery, possible changes in requirements, and more.

  1. Save Money
    Why pay a substantially larger amount of money to buy furniture when you only need it for a short time? For periods of less than two years, renting furniture is most cost-effective, as renters will pay less to use the furniture for a limited time than if they purchased the furniture outright.


  2. Avoid the Hassle of New Furniture
    Furniture purchased today that is needed for only a short period of time may be very expensive at the termination of a short-term need. Owners then bear the burden of paying to transport the furniture to their new space or selling the furniture, often at a significant loss. In addition, even insured furniture owners will also bear the cost of repairing or replacing damaged furniture.


  3. Speed
    Usually, providers are able to make delivery within 48 hours from the time a lease is signed, thus assuring you of quickly settling into your new home or office. 

  4. Availability
    All of your furniture is available at once, and not slowly trickling in when purchased. Dealers can show you the furniture on the showroom floors so that you know that it is available for "instant" delivery to you, as needed.


  5. Convenience
    Disposal of unneeded furniture? Simply notify dealers approximately 30 days prior to the termination of your lease, and they will arrange to pick up the furniture, at your convenience, with no further problems, including work or expense.


  6. Budget
    Since you select your own furniture in accordance with your needs and taste, you are in full control of setting the budget that you wish to expend for your home furnishings.

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