International Furniture Rental Association

Code of Ethics

As a member in good standing of the International Furniture Rental Association, this Company subscribes to the following Code of Ethics.

  1. We will be mindful of the trust placed in us by our customers and of our responsibility to render professional furniture rental services.
  2. We will employ and practice legal and truthful advertising of our services.
  3. We will fairly disclose the obligation of both the company and the customer at the time of inception of the rental agreement and fulfill company obligation in an expeditious manner.
  4. We will respond within a reasonable period of time to any customer service complaint and make every reasonable effort to satisfy the needs of our customer.
  5. We will further the public interest by contributing to the development of a better understanding of the furniture rental industry.
  6. We will exercise corporate social responsibility. We will not discriminate and will treat our customers and employees fairly. We will respect our relationships with the communities we do business in and with the natural environment.

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